DeepOcean Group 'Subcontractor & Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire'

We are introducing a formal vendor approval process called the 'DeepOcean Group Vendor Accreditation Programme'. This new initiative is necessary as the DeepOcean group of companies recognises the need to establish strong working relationships with its valued supply chain partners to build integrated teams early in the procurement process with the appropriate skills, experience and capability to deliver exceptional value solutions.

Our supply chain relationships are characterised by efficiency, honesty, openness, co-operation, collaboration and continuous improvement. They are aimed at greater integration and improving communications to deliver benefits for all project stakeholders.

We aim to provide a flexible mechanism for meeting and exceeding individual clients needs by allowing our supply chain partners the freedom to contribute to the design, value engineering and delivery process to:

That's why we're making membership of the 'DeepOcean Group Vendor Accreditation Programme' an important condition of doing business with any entity within the DeepOcean group of companies. If you are either an existing supplier or a potential supplier to the DeepOcean Group you should click the 'Request Password' button at the bottom of this page to register and complete the questionnaire.

What are we doing and why must Vendors take part?

We are establishing a DeepOcean Group Approved Vendor List for all subcontractors and suppliers to register their company details on-line. We are doing this because we are required to ensure that all suppliers meet our exacting business standards.

The DeepOcean Group believes in responsible business practices and we have an obligation to our internal and external stakeholders to manage our business safely and effectively, therefore we need to ensure our subcontractors and suppliers also meet these standards of good business practice such as health, safety, responsibility towards staff, the environment and the wider community.

Being part of the 'DeepOcean Group Vendor Accreditation Programme' is a condition of doing business with us and over time we will only purchase from 'Accredited Suppliers'.

What to do next?

To make the process easy we have created a secure web site where subcontractors and suppliers can complete their registration and fill in the profiling questionnaire.

Once completed each supplier's unique company profile is then independently audited for accuracy and to ensure that it meets our minimum standards. Successfully validated suppliers are then being included on the DeepOcean Group Approved Vendor List.

To register, click the 'Request Password' button at the bottom of this page.

Help and Support

If you have not received your log in details, you are having trouble logging in, or have any difficulties in completing the questionnaire, please contact DeepOcean Procurement and your local contact will respond.


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